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according to my calculations the problem doesn't exist.
the mome rath isn't born that could outgrabe me.
take that, washington! eat lead, einstein! show's over, shakespeare!
i can assure you that i am resisting the machine in each and every way possible at this time.
outer space girl, i'm sending out a message to you.
to truly master all forms of martial arts, one must first become a robotic hip-hop pirate.
it has two settings: light toast, and adventure!
usually, the shortest distance between two points is cheating.

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A Miracle of Science

Angels From Another Pin

Chicago: Howtown on the Make

Roger Ebert

The Institute of Official Cheer


ToastyFrog Jump!


Homestar Runner

The True Meaning Of Life Meditation Chamber

Bob the Angry Flower


Old Quotes File

Zhen Ji (DW3) wallpaper

Xiahou Dun (DW3) wallpaper

DW4 Soundtrack Disk 1 cover

DW4 Soundtrack Disk 2 cover

Breaking new ground in the field of pointless emulation, it's a ZX Spectrum emulator for your Sinclair ZX-81.

A crash course in UTF-8 (Unicode) mathematics.

In these troubled times, what we all can really use is a nice cup of tea and a sit down. Wouldn't you agree?

Cast a horrified eye on Windows 1.0. I remember using this. Oh, the agony... the agony. (Mocking comments about how I'm probably old enough to remember TV sets with knobs, too will be snootily ignored.)

PlanetFargo's AutoCamp 2000 has made massively multiplayer gaming obsolete. I picture a new world. a better world, where tireless robots play games like Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies, thus emancipating hundreds of thousands of nerds who were once chained to their desks and will now taste beautiful freedom!


It's a Dynasty Warriors webcomic!

The latest on the new World Trade Center plans.

NASA's Galileo probe recently sent back data suggesting that several of Jupiter's moons have conditions that would be amenable for the formation of life. The obvious next step: a giant nuclear-powered battlecruiser to conquer the Jovian system!

The world's smallest website. Please don't blame me.

Relive the 1990s with Dr. Xavier Farnswoggle's Patent Web Trendalyzer!

Tee hee. What was that about abusing Burning Man types again? (Courtesy of Greg Knauss's Devil's Dictionary 2.0.)

For your viewing amusement and amazement, it's quite likely the definitive site on atmospheric optical phenomena. Gaze in awe at the shadow cast by a mountain on the atmosphere, the shadow of the earth or just a simple glory, or perhaps you could ponder atmospheric effects on Jupiter and then of course there's a wide assortment of Earthly ice halos to be astonished by. Um, well, gosh.

Is your mayoral candidate an android? Hard-hitting reporters uncover the facts!

A Miracle of Science, updated as always.

I visited the True Meaning Of Life Meditation Chamber and now I am enlightened (and have added it to the sidebar.) Enjoy.

Kabuki Ping-Pong. (As seen on NTV!)

Today on A Miracle of Science: blushing!

The Ace Combat 5 official page has been updated with two new downloadable items, one of which is one of the series's eerie world maps. Incidentally, I hope the rumors that I've heard about this being an online-only project are just that, rumors. For... everyone's sake.

Sooner or later, all weblogs will devolve to this final, degenerate state.

September 19th is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. This year, you'll be prepared!

Telescopes have advanced to the point that Halley's Comet can now be imaged at any point in its 76-year orbit. I should say something pithy about this but frankly it boggles me.

Gratuitous abuse of the Burning Man festival and the sort of people who go to it? Sign me up!

This story is possibly the most depressing thing I've read online in months, although this is a close second.

"Q. Where do monsters get money? A. Same way that everyone gets money. They fight other monsters."

One might think it's hard to choose, but nonetheless here are the three worst stories published in Wired Magazine... as seen from the inside.

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