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aha! there's my tax dollars at rest!
this is my first attempt at clichéd cartoon villainy. how am i doing so far?
heck, what red-blooded american wouldn't want to build a railroad on the moon?
girl, time to get off the phone and do something about this universe!
there's no revenge like petty revenge.
better yet, if you don't see one movie this season, don't see this one.
nothing says frisky like manganese sulfate!
if we don't crush their spirits, how will they learn?

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Zhen Ji (DW3) wallpaper

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Well, I guess you can't say we don't have a plan now. It seems fine overall, as long as this series of optimistic target dates doesn't become completely divorced from reality after the manner of the hilarious "peace processes" and "road maps" that were supposed to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the simple device of completely ignoring all facts on the ground. We will see, I suppose.

Ah, the lowly and unappreciated subhead.

I like this town. I do.

The best picture of Jupiter.

As I have said before: down with small-town America! The only bit I'm hesitant about is the need for vast government payouts to get people to move out of the rural Midwest. I served a term in the rural Midwest and I can tell you that most people would gladly pay money themselves to get out of there.

An attempt to put a back door in the Linux kernel was recently averted. Of course, there is no chance that the perpetrator will ever be caught.

Dang if this isn't an entertaining takedown.

Oo, this Excuse-O-Mat could come in awfully handy!

Today I have for you Old Glory Robot Insurance, Samorost, the conspiracy unveiled, the sound of the big bang and the Mt. Wilson Tower Cam. Enjoy.
Why you should not ask USENET for help with your homework.

Let us put an end to the most pernicious and deadly bad idea of our time: neutrality.

Also, let us consume brains. BRAAAAAAAINS!

Carrington Vanston, artist and writer of Movie Punks, quests for a movie that does not star Melanie Griffith. And thanks to the Internet, now you can laugh at his misfortune!
How weird. It's a webcomic about usability, a.k.a. human-computer interface study. I really don't know how much material they can get out of the subject (one which has always fascinated me) but good luck to them nonetheless.

"I, for one, welcome..."

Best flash mob ever.

A handsome experimental boat and some airships for the Arsenal of Democracy; unratified Constitutional amendments; the story of how Neil Gaiman didn't get into video games; and, via 101-280, some really unreleased Atari VCS titles. How's that?
Polybius, the The Ring of video games. Warning: page contains screaming horror.

[Pause for viewer to visit page.]

Well, I told you, didn't I?

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