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sometimes i seriously question your dedication to sparkle motion!
who's that jaunty jackanapes with moxie and pizazz?
just remember, in ten years no one will care. in fact most people don't care right now.
there were many steps and columns... it was most tranquil.
your vicious beatings, i mean, prizes, will be delivered shortly.
tragedy ensued when they mistook me for the keg.
actually, most recent surveys put the public opinion of ninjas at awesome or better.
sometimes you have fun, and sometimes the fun has you.

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A Miracle of Science

Angels From Another Pin

Chicago: Howtown on the Make

Roger Ebert

The Institute of Official Cheer


ToastyFrog Jump!


Homestar Runner

Bob the Angry Flower


Old Quotes File

Zhen Ji (DW3) wallpaper

Xiahou Dun (DW3) wallpaper

DW4 Soundtrack Disk 1 cover

DW4 Soundtrack Disk 2 cover

You said it.
To commemorate somehow surviving yet another Otakon, I give to you Where's Waldo, anime convention-style!

Please enjoy a quick game of Pac-Man. Interestingly, I had forgotten until recently that one of my childhood ambitions was to work for the company that put those famous Pac-Man machines in run-down arcades and dingy bowling alleys all over America. And, er, now here I am. How about that.

The return of one of this blog's most popular characters: it's more forty-foot shipping containers than you'll ever need!

For all you conspiracy fetishists, The Top 10 Theories About What Caused The Blackout.

And finally, the world is a wonderful place because soon it will have within it Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends! Like the man says, sword = love.

Now that A Miracle of Science has completed its second thrilling chapter, we're running some concept art and other goodies before Chapter 3 begins.

Fortunately, up-to-the-second status reports are available.

The Gallery Of Hideous Box Art suggests that, believe it or not, video games have gotten better in the past twenty years. While you're there, do not miss Cyborgs Ain't Ladies.

When the Heavy Support Slacker meets the ultimate camper, hilarity ensues!

Yes, it's 1983's hottest new digital gadgets!

Current goings-on in Iraq are not exactly unprecedented.

Seth Finkelstein, a very smart and put-upon man, has identified a phenomenon I've tried to figure out all my life: real-life trolling.

The Field Guide to Spam describes some of the tricks spammers use to get around e-mail filters.

While dredging the Internet for mesh subdivision algorithms at work today, I came across a page describing how to map an asteroid based on point cloud data. I also ran across this higher mathematics flamewar. I fully expect that one of the participants in this dialogue eventually withdrew to a mountaintop fortress where he could build his death ray and mutter "Fools! I'll show them all!" in peace.

I've been trying to come up with a way to state my opinions on this whole issue coherently, but in the end I have to just fall back on the phrase that truly sums up how I feel: Screw you, Kofi.
Today on Behind the Typeface, Cooper Black.

Outrun 2 is looking sharp. While searching for information on the other Outrun sequels, though, I tripped over a site called outrun.org and, well... I suppose you should just go there. You can acquire all manner of Outrun-related data including the ROMs for the original arcade game and the sequel Outrunners, both of which are very well emulated by MAME.

Pretty Big Dig, a ballet of heavy machinery.

Ever spent time on Usenet? Then you know very well that A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy.

These Seats Are For Public Use Only.

Well, you know. I just haven't had anything to say.

There's a new A Miracle of Science today, but surely that shouldn't surprise anyone by now.

Test your orbital mechanics. Click and drag in this applet to put satellites in orbit in the Earth-Moon system.

The famous "Cog" commercial and how it was made.

The knock-down drag-out comics crossover to end all comics crossovers: it's Stalin vs. Hitler!

Let it not ever be said that my geek credentials are not in order.

At last, the photographic proof: NASA Fakes Moon Landing!

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