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more mullets for our brave women on the galaxy's front lines!
your country may be at risk if you fail to comply.
this is a point and laugh interface.
i hope you understand that some people think the monster has a valid claim to your closet.
my car gets forty rods to the hogshead and that's the ways i likes it!
telling the real pseudointellectuals from the phony pseudointellectuals is a full-time job in itself.
makes fugues funky and death marches danceable!
it's times like these i almost question my usual strategy of doing whatever dumb thing pops into my head.

approved links

A Miracle of Science

Angels From Another Pin

Chicago: Howtown on the Make

Roger Ebert

The Institute of Official Cheer


ToastyFrog Jump!


Homestar Runner

Bob the Angry Flower


Old Quotes File

Zhen Ji (DW3) wallpaper

Xiahou Dun (DW3) wallpaper

DW4 Soundtrack Disk 1 cover

DW4 Soundtrack Disk 2 cover

If you're into that whole political blogs thing, Peeve Farm has been just dynamite lately.

Dissatisfied with George W. Bush's inconsistent foreign policy and incoherent domestic policy? Then why not put your own words in his mouth!

The Matrix XP. Mmm... bullet-time pie.

At the home page of Justin B. Rye you can find many fascinating essays including a primer on time travel in science fiction, speculation on the evolution of American English, this handy Star Trek: TOS Plot Generator and last but far from least gratuitous abuse of Robert A. Heinlein.

Curses! Who could have foreseen that the metric system would be the end of us all?!

From the classic days of the Internet I bring you 405: The Movie.

Contiki is a fully Internet-enabled operating system and desktop environment for outrageously low-spec (by today's standards) computing systems such as the Atari 800, the NES, and the Commodore 64.

Via Crummy: The Site, this oddly compelling applet simulates traffic behavior under a wide variety of conditions.

Zinn: Once again you see a creature that's on fire being demonized in this movie: the flaming eye, the flaming Balrog. As though being on fire is this terrible affliction to have.

Chomsky: As though they can help it if they're on fire.

It's the one year anniversary of A Miracle of Science! So go there and tell them, I mean us, that I... er, that I sent... er... well, you know.

The history of the biohazard symbol. It's scary because it doesn't mean anything else.

An ancient map of Rome is being reassembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Sadly, it doesn't look like there's much hope for rescuing Chicago's Meigs Field. If you live in the Chicago area, please remember what happened come next Election Day.

A Miracle of Science is updated, but surely you didn't need me to tell you that.

Newly linked on the sidebar: CD case covers I made for the two-disk Dynasty Warriors 4 soundtrack. Uh, it's certainly not like I had occasion to need to make my own CD covers, of course. The covers use the artistic DW4 portraits I linked to a while back and feature Shu's husband-and-wife strategist team of Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying.

It's A Miracle of Science's fabulous 100th page! I'm so proud.

OSHA breathing down your neck? Need some warning signage fast, but just don't have time to head down to... er... wherever it is you'd buy that stuff? Don't fret: the St. Claire Sign Builder is there for all your ANSI standard sign needs! Hours of fun -- no, really. I made a vitally useful warning placard for the most dangerous chemical on earth.

The reality behind reality television. They're on to something, I think.

Do not question the gong!!

Apologies for my lengthy absence; at work we've been in the throes of getting ready for E3, which involves working more hours in a day than there are actual hours in a day. I just hope the result is worth it.

George W. Beeblebrox.

Held over by popular demand, it's last week's transit of Mercury.

Some photos from metropolitan Tel Aviv, including the Azrieli Center which I mentioned a while back on this blog.

So, er, why do I have such contempt for the news media again? These days it seems every news story is "too good to check."

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