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i'm developing self-rolling dice. it will render the nerd obsolete.
other activities include crushing, bashing, stomping, slowly chasing, and serving tea.
i am filled with solutions!
that orange is me.
never underestimate the power of stupid things in large numbers.
after that, we'll round up that there herd of cats and move them out.
and you refuse to wear it merely because it's absurd!
throw up your hands and raise your voice.

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The oddly hazy skies over Philadelphia today were apparently due to smoke from forest fires in Quebec.

This article makes a disturbing suggestion: the $3.6 billion Worldcom accounting fraud was merely a symptom -- the real problem is that much of the new telecom industry was nothing more than a giant pyramid scheme based on selling unused fiber capacity back and forth. Tsk, tsk.

Fine, call me a capitalist tool, but I really like the ad for the Mitsubishi 2003 Eclipse (the one that looks like it was filmed in south Philly.) I like it so much that I hunted down the song they play in it. It's Days Go By by Dirty Vegas, and you can download the MP3 right here.

"There are many canonical cases which even the layman understands. It is widely known that Christian Slater is the poor man's Jack Nicholson, and that Skeet Ulrich is the poor man's Johnny Depp. It is the purpose of this page to explore the lesser-known cases, and, through reader feedback and public analysis, expand the boundaries of this fascinating subset of the Celebrity Sciences." - The Poor Man Project.

Happy Independence Day all! No gloomy links from me on this holiday -- I'm not sure if my morale is better or if it's just that the hot weather has sapped my energy so much I can't even muster up depression. But either way, you're the winner, and so instead I give you something cheery and nifty: this page which contains honest to goodness editors for Final Fantasy 7 and 8 (PC versions.) How about that.

What? You say that link wasn't geeky enough? Try this for size: Once again there are rumors that a new series of Doctor Who will be produced. I'm going to bet you (yes, you) a cool million dollars that it will never happen. That's just how confident I am.

Driver's education. Hee hee.

One. You know the Tourist Guy? They found him a while back.

Two. From the same rarified intellectual level that brought you Intelligent Design, the shiny new theory of the origin of species that is not at all just creationism in a different box, comes Intelligent Grappling.

Three. Best. Clock. Ever.

So here I am in sunny Hershey, Pennsylvania. What can I talk about today? Well, on the way here I saw this cool wind farm. And I've found out that my late grandfather Ivan Sandrof, who founded the National Book Critics Circle, may have also had a secret career when he was younger as a moderately prolific author of pulp science fiction stories. Am attempting to confirm; more on this story as it develops.
Yeah. Ponder that, you appeasing freaks. Ponder what it'll be like when it starts happening here, because we lazy, smug Americans didn't care when it was happening somewhere else. Me, I'll be hiding under the bed.

And on that cheery note, I'm traveling. I'll be back... sometime. See you later. (In the meantime, please read A Miracle of Science, and I thank you for your support.)

Artificial eyes! We rock! Here's a more detailed article straight from the researcher who developed it. Particularily fascinating is the description of just what the artificial vision looks like to the implanted volunteer; it's far from what I'm familiar with in my normally-sighted life, but he seems more than capable of getting used to it.

A page of Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics. Anyone who takes time out of their day to savage Armageddon and Swordfish is aces in my book.

"Good night, and God bless the United Aquatic States of Hydro-America." As someone else put it, this would be really funny except for everything.

Here's a RealAudio plugin for WinAMP. Anything that means not having to actually interact with the hideously unwieldy RealAudio client is fine by me, plus if you're masochistic enough you can use it to convert RealAudio files to MP3s: Activate WinAMP's Disk Writer plugin, then play the clip, then find the .wav file on your hard drive, then convert the .wav to MP3 using a tool such as Exact Audio Copy. (Don't forget to turn auto-repeat OFF in WinAMP and also turn off the Disk Writer again afterwards, otherwise your hard drive will fill up with uncompressed sound data!) And now I have the Monorail Song from The Simpsons in MP3 format, and it only cost hours and hours of my life and permanent psychological damage! *twitch* *twitch*

Happy Flag Day.

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