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but i wanna go three hundred scale miles per hour!!
excuse me, but the dead do not tread water.
yes, another three victims of my amazing moon room!
the world situation is desperate, as usual.
spill the tea on me, fine. but I don't think a flying attack to the head while you yell out its name is a simple accident.
you blackguard, you'd leave our mighty zeppelin fleets grounded!
do we have a plank we can make them walk?
out of cheese error. redo from start.

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All of these links stolen from the excellent Making Light: First, it's the weblog of L. Fitzgerald Sj÷berg of Brunching Shuttlecocks fame. Next, mysterious tunnels underneath Moscow (there's slightly more information here.) And finally, NASA scientists come up with transparent excuses to burst water balloons in zero gravity. I love science.

Well sir, there's nothin' on earth like a genuine, bonafide, electrified, six-car monorail! What'd I say? Monorail! What's it called? Monorail!

Jason Shiga's Fleep, the epic story of one man's attempt to escape from a phone booth sealed in concrete, is now running on ModernTales.com.

An appropriate response to the Nigerian scam.

My friends and I get together for a rare group picture courtesy of Angels from Another Pin. I'm fifth from the left.

Ah, good. At last, people are thinking big for the new World Trade Center. The architects, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, are the same guys who designed the daring (and unfortunately doomed, but then I've griped about that before in this space) 7 South Dearborn project, so I have absolute confidence they can come up with something appropriate.

If you were wondering where the title of my weblog comes from, wonder no longer.

And in financial news, according to the New York Times we're rich! Rich, rich, rich! Stinking rich! Ah, ha ha ha ha ha!! ...Ahem.

A kind gentleman has done us the favor of compiling the Bush Administration's responses to terror attacks in Israel over the past year and a half. Well, you can't accuse them of inconsistency, that's for darn sure.
A panoramic view of the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, from 1994 to today. The Potsdamer Platz, a major center of the city before World War II and the Cold War, was a no-man's land until the Berlin Wall fell (parts of the Wall are still visible in the earliest pictures.) Since then it has been energetically rebuilt, and you can watch the shiny new skyscrapers rise before your eyes by riffling through the archived photos. Check out the glowing cranes on August 17, 1997.

Why You Shouldn't Learn Japanese. I can testify to the truth of this article from personal experience (I was the clueless guy in the back who washed out in his third year.)

The fabulous Solar Ark Power Plant.

A spectacular tropical biome park constructed in England (use the arrow buttons to see more pictures both inside and out.)

Once the comic strip White House In Orbit gets properly moving it does bear a definite passing resemblance to Norb (although with more, um, nudity.)

Speaking of which -- Norb, not nudity -- you'll note the rather weak utility of that last hyperlink there. That's because there just isn't anything more on the Web about Norb, which again surprises me -- first nothing on Abdelkader's Geocosmos, now this? The first thing I always wanted to do when I first got a web site, way back in... er... 1996? Oh dear... was to make the be-all and end-all of sites about Norb, only the greatest newspaper comic strip ever. I could even scan and upload all 365 strips; I have two copies of the poorly bound MU Press collection, so one of them (the one that isn't autographed by artist Tony Auth) could easily be sacrificed to my scanner, and I ran off copies of most of the Sunday strips from Penn State University's microfilm collection. I even asked writer Daniel Pinkwater for permission. Then six years passed. Maybe I should get around to actually doing it someday.

Thought upon re-reading that paragraph: Hot diggity, am I ever a geek. Wow. And on that note, I'm off to Chicago for the weekend, so I'll see you later.

Now where have I seen this before? Oh, right.
More on the Martian ice. I find this especially fascinating because ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to live on Mars. Those who might maintain that I already do can just keep their smart-ass opinions to themselves.

So, how's the economy going?

The Mathematical Lego Sculptures are too marvelous not to link to. Link stolen from Mike Ryan (again.)

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