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give me immortality or give me death.
can I get a job blasting stuff?
let us prise off the tinfoil hat of ideology and focus the orbital mind-control beams of reason.
justice will triumph in the end. that's why i'm so worried.
all you do to me is talk talk.
are all your departments run by severed heads?
but look around you today. a cotton gin in every home!
your henchmen will be incredibly confused as you rant at them without any vocal cords.

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A Miracle of Science

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The Institute of Official Cheer


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Homestar Runner

Bob the Angry Flower


While we're talking about Chicago, next time you're here why not visit the famous House of Clocks? "I stopped the pendulum, removed it, and had it burned as you instructed. The key has been hidden from the servants and the weights have been allowed to run down as recommended. And yet it still continues to chime, hour after hour. Please advise."

Via USENET: As if the Nigerian Scam wasn't enough, now we have to deal with the Alderaan Scam.

James Lileks bids farewell to Pioneer 10.

Ah. And, yes, well. Comments?

Chicago: Howtown on the Make points out that this grand city's 166th birthday was today, and takes you on a brief tour through Chicago's... um... colorful past. Be careful with that link, though: once you start reading that blog it's hard to stop.
New A Miracle of Science today, like always.

Well, looks like the results are in from the Microwave Anisotropy Probe: The cosmos is 13.7 billion years old, space is flat, the Hubble constant is 71 km/sec/Mpc, and the Universe will expand forever, rather than collapsing back into another Big Bang. So... uh... I guess that's it. We can all go home now.

With Planet 10: An Interactive Model you can create your own planet, drop it into the Solar System and see if it survives. Planet Steve fell into the Sun and Planet Frank ended up with boiling oceans, so my career options as a planetary engineer are probably limited. But perhaps you can do better.

Photos from Baghdad, fabulous city of outdoor wiring.

The design I picked as my favorite has apparently been selected for rebuilding the World Trade Center. I had no idea this blog had such awesome, far-reaching influence.

Check it: an overview of some lesser-known Atari 2600 games, including Typing Tutor, Kramer Vs. Kramer: The Game and Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Motocross.

Pfft. I'll believe this when the bombs start falling; until then, it's just the latest in a blizzard of "last chances" and "final moves" that stretches back to 1991. I still think this alleged war is all a big bluff, and (unfortunately for not just Bush, but all of us poor unlucky dopes he's dragged into the situation with him through his knuckleheaded attempts at diplomacy) it's going to get called.

As if there wasn't enough trouble in the world, the island nation of Nauru has dropped off the air. No one knows what's going on. It could very well be aliens.

New A Miracle of Science today, bien sur.

A brief history of Antarctic political unrest.

Flash! A sprite comic that's actually good! That makes two (the other one is of course the granddaddy of them all, 8-Bit Theater.)

The GeoURL ICBM Address Server acts as a location-to-URL phonebook: you can plug in a latitude and longitude and locate websites whose "physical location" is near that place. The server is very handy if you're interested in sites whose authors care about the place they live in, because that's the only sort of people who'd bother signing up. I signed myself up, something I wouldn't have done when I lived in The Other Place, and one site I've come across thanks to this is Chicago: Howtown on the Make. It's given me an eye-opening look into the politics and life of this vast city I still really don't know much about.

"Evil is actually so much more than all that. It is wickedness, malevolence, the desire to do people wrong. To take power for yourself at the expense of others, and then using it in the most ruthless and vile of ways. It is hurting people for no good reason at all, horrifically destroying their lives and then jumping up on down on their corpses. It is tying damsels in distress to railroad tracks and then twirling about in a moustache and black cape. It is hate and wrath and rage.

"Sound good? We thought so. So let's begin."

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