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i'm going to go party like it's 5763!
when i die, please do not compress my corpse into a diamond. that is all.
i beat the internet. the end guy is hard.
silence! roll the picture of me!
my big mistake was going into cosmology for the money.
go kicky fast ok!
that which does not destroy us has made its last mistake.
who is driving car? oh my god, bear is driving car! how can that be?

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Water sighted in the atmospheres of nearby planets! Well, not quite. The article is rather skimpy, but reading between the lines it looks to me as if the scientists detected signs of water in the light emissions from star systems known through other techniques to have planets. It's certainly a positive development, but we need to connect all the dots before celebrating the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Still, tho'. Very exciting times we live in, and once in a while it's even because of good things.
Homestar Runner is a brilliant mess of Flash animation that defies description. Just get your broadband on (or don't even, it loads surprisingly fast even on a 56k) and go there already.

Ya know, sometimes I really do like that thar' Mark Steyn.

Two things for you today: first, Freezepop, altogether a charming combination of Japanese J-Pop music and the Commodore 64's SID synthesizer. (I am entirely in love with their "Science Genius Girl.") Several MP3s are available on their web site and at MP3.com. Buy in confidence that you're not supporting the RIAA oligopoly! And second, Paradigm Shift is a fabulously well-drawn and well-written story of cops-and-mysterious-violent-creature that takes place in (an extremely accurately rendered) Chicago, Illinois. Enjoy it, won't we?
A handsomely detailed 3D model of the World Trade Center (requiescant in pace).

Via USENET: Free Root Password With ANY Offer!!!

Blogging will be sporadic for the next several days 'cos I'm traveling again. As a matter of fact, yes, I love to get out of this town at every opportunity.
Reported without comment.
As always, NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory is there with the scary pictures of the sun.

And here's a picture of a NATO E-3 Sentry over Niagara Falls. NATO deployed military forces -- these Airborne Warning And Control Systems aircraft -- in the United States for eight months after September 11th while our own AWACS were busy directing JDAMs down on Mr. bin Laden's head over in Afghanistan. The NATO mission ended in May, of course, and now America and Europe are back snarling at each others' throats like usual these days. I suppose all the smiley goodwill and friendship couldn't last forever, but it was certainly nice while it happened.

Just a very small update to mention that I've been playing around with the Dungeon Siege editor and associated mod tools, with the vague goal of seeing how much of a standard console RPG can be made of this very PC-style game. I have at least managed to add two of the most important features of any console RPG.

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