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Jon sez

Here are the first seven pages of Afterlife Blues, a project that Mark and I have been working on for the last couple of years, since before our our last project completed. Unavoidable job conflicts kept it from starting before now, but in the future we expect clear sailing.

...What is that iceberg doing dead ahead?

Anyway, our story is set in the last years of the twenty-first century and will involve gunplay, space warfare, artificial intelligences, and questions about being human. This future isn't shiny and perfect, but at the same time it's not particularly awful.

In other words, it's pretty much like every other time in history. Except this time in history has cyborgs.

Mark sez

It's kind of nice to finally be getting this thing off the ground. I genuinely missed publishing a comic on a regular basis. I'm trying a new art style as well that will hopefully make the production process much smoother, as well as perhaps lead to results that are a bit more lively, not to mention...

Oh, enough wittering! We've all waited long enough. I present to you Afterlife Blues. Remember, there's seven pages here to start us off with, so click that darn "Next Page" button!